November in the Gallery

Opening Reception

Friday, November 7th,  6 to 8 P.M.

Featured Artist:  Dee Dushkes

In her high school yearbook, one classmate wrote: “Keep up the way you are and they’re bound to put you away sooner or later.”  She’s kept up with her off beat look at the world and is still free on her own recognizance.

She uses portraiture not to define the individual but to create more of a mystique, drawing the viewer in from the many subtleties derived from a subject’s face.

Using vintage and old family photos, she pieces together a thoughtful world of social commentary by the use of additional elements within the composition.

November Guild Exhibiting Artists

Sophie Acheson, Patricia Akay, Barbara Aliza, Anji Bartholf, Pat Biggs, George Dawnay, Dee Dushkes, Irene Guidici Ehret, Yvonne Giambrone-Martin, Christine Gonzalves, Katherine Greene, Susan Heeringa-Pieper, Kirk Hinshaw, Cynthia Hipkiss, Carol Larson, Christine MacDonald, Nancy Martin, Helen Mehl, Martin Munson, Ruby Newman, Andrea Giovanna Patri, Beverly Prevost, Jonna Ramey, Katie Richardson, Joan Shepherd, Lyn Swan