Please watch for our July show starting July 9th and Artists’ reception July 11th.


The June Invitational Exhibition on exhibit through July 6th


June Invit Composite

Guest Artists:

Kate Blakeslee, Stacia Brady, Taunee Callahan, Julie Cavaz, Tracy Child, Barbara Crow, Elizabeth Dekker, Kate Dumont, Mik Kitigawa, Lynn Hennesey, Suzanne Phillips, Eden Pieper, Jean Prominski-Shepard, Kathleen Sheils, Margo Wilson


Silent Auction through July 11th

June Fundraiser Composite

Artwork donated by:

Barbara Aliza, Carol Larson, Ruby Newman, Nancy Martin, Thena Trygstad, Beverly Prevost

From April through August we are having our silent auction fund-raiser with new original artwork presented each month. The work will have a value of over $300 with bids starting at $100 with an option to “Buy it Now”. If you’ve ever thought of becoming an art collector this is your opportunity to buy fine art by local professional artists while supporting the Arts Guild.


June Members’ Show through July 6th


Recent Works By Arts Guild Members

Patricia Akay, Barbara Aliza, Anji Bartholf, George Dawnay, Dee Dushkes, Irene Ehret, Zaza Feterly, Kirk Hinshaw, Carol Larson, Jackie Lee, Helen Mehl, Ruby Newman, Jenny Whitfield, Yvonne Giambroni-Martin, Christine Gonzalves, Carol Larson, Nancy Martin, Loran May, Andrea Patri, Bev Prevost, Lyn Swan, Susan Heeringa-Pieper, Brian Martinelli, Marty Munson, Joan Shepherd

The Arts Guild of Sonoma

is pleased to announce the July exhibition featuring

Jennifer Whitfield

showing her “William’s Pond Series”

Hand pressed paper collage, acrylic gel mediums and acrylic paint allows the artist to create a painting, which has the illusion of a three-dimensional aerial pond view. Upon a closer look, golden fish swim with ease through the tangles of roots, decaying leaves, and aquatic plants. The “William’s Pond” body of work serves as a metaphor for inner thoughts, emotions and dreams.


July Member Show




Recent Works By Arts Guild Members

Sophie Acheson, Patricia Akay, Roberta Alexander,  Barbara Aliza, Tracy Child, George Dawnay, Dee Dushkes, Irene Ehret, Zaza Feterly, Yvonne Giambroni-Martin,  Christine Gonzalves, Susan Heeringa-Pieper, Kirk Hinshaw, Carol Larson, Jackie Lee, Nancy Martin, Loran May,  Helen Mehl, Ruby Newman,   Andrea Patri, Bev Prevost, Ellie Portner, Lyn Swan,  Brian Martinelli, Marty Munson, Jenny Whitfield