August in the Gallery

Opening Reception

Friday, August 1st

6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

August Show closes September 2nd

The Arts Guild of Sonoma is excited to present the artwork of featured artists, K.C. Winston and Lyn Swan as well as many other Guild artists’ work during August’s exhibition with the Opening Reception being held on Friday August 1, from 6 pm to 8 pm in the gallery at 140 East Napa Street in Sonoma. Artists, friends and the whole community are invited to attend this lively social gathering. Local wine and food will be served.

In her paintings, Winston attempts to give physical form to the sensory and emotional experiences of landscape and built environments. She extracts, deconstructs, reconstructs and re-positions the visual and sensory elements by using form, color, texture, transparency, time and symbolic representations to convey her own perception of the subject.

Swan is a master of brilliant color in her porcelain ceramic work, which is at once fun, whimsical and functional. Each piece is hand built one at a time and each seems to inherit it’s own sense of style and personality. The pieces are designed to stand alone or work as a unique grouping of objects with distinct shapes, colors and patterns.

Exhibiting Artists

Sophie Acheson, Roberta Alexander, Barbara Aliza, Anji Bartholf, Pat Biggs, Beth Changstrom, George Dawnay, Dee Dushkes, Irene Guidici Ehret, Zaza Fetterly, Yvonne Giambrone-Martin, Christine Gonzalves, Katherine Greene, Susan Heeringa-Pieper, Kirk Hinshaw, Cynthia Hipkiss, Ray Jacobsen, Frank Kreuger, Sandra Lane, Christine MacDonald, Brian Martinelli, Michael Mudd, Martin Munson, Andrea Giovanna Patri, Anne Pincus, Ellie Portner, Beverly Prevost, Joan Shepherd, Lyn Swan, K.C. Winston